If you are inspired by HIIT Training, looking to throw some mean punches in to a heavy bag, want to learn to jump higher than ever before, and oh yes…burn a ton of calories then Shapes Elite Group Training is what you are looking for.

Shapes Elite Small Group Training provides an array of high-intensity classes for groups of four (4) to eight (8) people designed by the Best of the Best to take you from YOUR starting point to a place beyond your wildest fitness dreams. We offer everything from pure Tabata Classes that keep your heart in the “ZONE” longer than ever before to Core Fusion Classes that take you beyond the everyday crunch!

Our Elite classes are coached by Certified Personal Trainers; giving you the peace of mind knowing that you are in good hands and at Shapes we equip our training areas with the latest, most advanced fitness equipment there is.

Shapes knows that working out with a team of like-minded women can be one of the BEST motivators there is, so we are here to give you just that…PURE MOTIVATION!

Come join our Elite Small Group Training and experience what it is like to find and live beyond your fitness potential!

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