Say No to New Year’s Resolutions

As December draws to a close and another year is about to start, you might be feeling compelled to sharpen up your pencils, crack open a fresh journal and write down a list of serious resolutions for the upcoming months. Your list will most likely contain things that will not only make you a better person, but also make you healthier, happier, more compassionate and patient, kinder and more caring, and, oh we don’t know, able to do it all on no sleep? Well we say enough already. We think you should skip the resolutions this year and instead focus on these five things:

  1. Your Meaningful Relationships—We all have people in our lives that bring us down. In the year ahead, instead of letting their toxicity drain you, turn your attention to the people that mean the most to you and who bring you the most joy and support.
  2. Your Core Values—Each of us has certain values that we hold dear. For the next 12 months, make an effort to honor those values in the decisions you make. Whether it is to be more empathetic, to live more generously or simply to be more honest, use those principles to guide your day-to-day choices.
  3. Your Quest For Simplicity—Most of us have had moments where we wish we could live more simply, but making that a reality in our life isn’t always easy. One of the easiest ways to simplify is by focusing on what makes you feel happiest, then carve out some time each day or week to spend time pursuing that activity.
  4. Your Openness To Change—Sometimes the best thing we can do to improve our lives is simply to be open to change. Appreciate what you have, and try to stay open to new possibilities that present themselves. You never know what can happen if you focus on what you have done and can do instead of what you haven’t done.
  5. Your Health—Even if you want to skip the whole New Year’s resolution thing (and we are right there with you!), you can’t ignore your health. Being proactive about caring for your physical well being is essential. Focusing on your health doesn’t mean making a plan to train for a marathon or become a vegan, but it does mean embracing healthier choices such as getting enough sleep, eating right and incorporating some physical activity in your routine. The key is to focus on these areas as goals instead of absolutes. That way you aren’t setting yourself up for failure.

As you can imagine – the Shapes Women’s Fitness team is somewhat partial to the “Your Health” focus. Focusing on your health will make the other four much easier. Let us help you find your groove in 2017—talk to one of our wellness instructors the next time you drop by our center.