Healthy Food, Fast

Ever get to the end of another busy, packed day, wondering how you have survived it all, only to realize that it’s dinnertime and you have nothing planned or prepared? Keeping up with the kids and/or work, plus family, friends, exercise and your home can sometimes leave you feeling like you haven’t a moment to spare. But you have to eat, right? And eating right is not only going to give you the fuel you need to make it through your action-packed life, but it’s also the best thing for your family. However knowing that you should eat healthy, balanced meals, and actually doing it are two different things, especially when 6 p.m. is bearing down on you and the troops are getting “hangry.”

Read on for some recipes and tips to help you create meal plans that you can feel good about, and actually follow through with, even with your busy schedule.

Recipe Sources

First, know some go-to websites where you can find quick, yet good-for-you, ideas. Real Simple is a great source, especially since the magazine’s whole purpose is to take home-based activities and more and make them easier. Other good places to scope out recipes are Cooking Light and Any advance meal prep that you can do on the weekend, including freezing meals, can be a big help come the weeknight.

Lighten Up Your Favorites

Maybe you have some family favorite recipes that could use some lightening up. For instance if something has a creamy sauce, like macaroni and cheese, sub out the cream for skim milk thickened with flour. Anytime you are cooking with oil, even a good for you oil like olive oil, try to use the least amount possible to keep things from sticking. Finally, reduce the amount of meat in a recipe by bulking things up with chopped veggies or whole grains. Not only is it a great way to cut back on your meat consumption, it also can be a good trick for slipping in some extra fiber and vitamins with picky eaters.

Countdown To Dinner

Maybe you simply want some ideas for how to make dinner happen faster. There are some easy fixes to speed up your time in the kitchen as well. For instance, utilize the pre-cooked meat options available at your grocery store. From the deli’s rotisserie chickens to already boiled shrimp at the seafood counter, there are many options now available for a quick meal. You can also opt for salads for dinner. Creating your own salad bar, with a healthy array of vegetable and protein options, as well as a few fun toppings such as reduced fat cheese or dried cranberries, let’s everyone have what they want, without the wait.

Now that you are on track to eating right, don’t waste all that energy! Now’s the time to double down on your efforts to treat your body right. Check out Shapes for classes to get your heart pumping and your body moving.