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Zumba At Shapes

Shapes® Fitness for Women’s facilities come in all shapes (no pun intended) and sizes. Visit the location closest to you to find out more about the programs and amenities that your club offers. Here is a overview of some of the services that you will find in our clubs.

30 Minute Express Workout
Our 30 Minute Express Workout encompasses a variety of equipment that our members use to elevate their heart rate for a specified period of time to maximize the benefits of a sustained and elevated heart rate. Equipment includes: Elliptical Machines, Bikes Row Machines, Steppers and Treadmills.
Our team will teach you how to use the equipment and how to maximize the benefits of the workout as part of your overall fitness plan.

Group Fitness Classes
Group fitness classes are classes where a group of people meet at a specific time and for a specific period to participate in various structured classes that are led by an instructor. Group fitness classes are a great way to enjoy varied exercise routines that provide a great way to lose weight, get in shape and meet other members. Shapes® offers a huge array of classes throughout the week based on your home club locations schedule.

AWT is one of our most popular formats for the last 15 years, combining cardio and resistance training in one hour. Aerobic Weight Training needs to be a staple in your exercise diet!

JUST PUMP is a high energy weight workout to popular music.

STEP involves basic, turn-step, V step, Around the World and Over the Top! Our classic Step Cardio workout.

BOOT CAMP focuses on drill, circuits, interval and resistance for all levels.

KICK BOX is a great full body cardio workout. Punch and kick your way to “Fit”.

VERTICAL CORE: works your core, balance in the popular “functional” Pilates based 30 minute format.

PILATES enhance your physical strength, core power, balance and posture.

FITNESS YOGA will include the Mind-Body blend of flexibility, relaxation and physical discipline.

AB ATTACK will have your abs burning in our very own 30 minute functional core format

BUTTS/GUTS is our exclusive 30 minute “Hot Legs” format

ZUMBA is one of the most popular group classes in America today. Join us and enjoy your very own party disguised in a great cardio class!

ZUMBA GOLD is a Latin inspired workout for all ages.

SIT and SEXY is a great starter class so grab a chair and join the group in this signature sexy Shapes® 30 minute class.

CYLCE will get your heart pumping on this high calorie burning ride.

CYCLE PUMP is a beginner friendly cycle workout with resistance training. The total package.

WHITE WATER provides 45 minutes of constant cardio in the pool.

MAKING WAVES will give you 30 minutes of heart beating cardio followed by 30 minutes of resistance training in our pool.

NO WAKE ZONE is for those who dare to be different in the mind- body pool class.

AQUA CORE will focus on the core, balance and your inner strength.

WALKING WARRIORS will burn 250 calories per 30 minutes in the high intensity low impact pool class.

WATR-In-MOTION is a pre-choreographed water workout allowing you to take your water fitness to a new level.

LES MILLS: BODY PUMP, BODY ATTACK is the popular pre-Choreographed workouts now at Shapes®.

Kids Zone
We understand the importance of having time for you. We also understand the importance of the little ones being taken care of so you can have that mommy time.

We offer a safe and fun environment for ages from 6 months to 14 years old. We provide a safe, fun and supervised environment for your kid(s) to play and enjoy their time at Shapes® while you get your workout in. Check with your local facility to see if the service is available and the hours that the kids zone is offered.

Strength Training
Our state of the art selectorized strength training equipment provides you with an ergonomic safe way to improve your overall body strength. The benefits of weight training for women provides a huge advantage over just cardiovascular workouts. There are quite a few health benefits that include decreasing your risk of osteoporosis, reducing your risk of injuries, back pain and arthritis and reducing your risk of diabetes to name just a few. Let our trainers help you learn how to make strength training part of your weekly workout regimen.

Personal Training
The role of a Personal Trainer in helping you reach your personal health and fitness goals is tremendous. Our personal trainers help you set goals, prescribe a workout regimen, motivate you during training, provide constant feedback and evaluate your progress. Most importantly—a personal trainer will make you accountable for your day to day workout habits and nutritional choices.