What We Can Learn From Watching Kids Play

You don’t see many kids on the playground sweating over the number of reps they’ve done on the monkey bars. Being outdoors, whether ruling the playground or chasing some ball in your favorite sport, was simply something you did for fun when you were younger. If you would like to recapture that spirit of freedom you had in childhood, here are some workouts to consider.

Get a Bounce On It

Odds are strong that a trampoline studio has hit your neck of the woods—they seem to be popping up everywhere. Bouncing around will have you working up a sweat in no time, without damaging your joints. Feel free to test your trampoline skills at your kid’s next birthday party, or simply feel free to indulge with your own adult bounce time.

Start Your Dance Party

Is your kid’s Wii gathering dust on a shelf? You can work out the kinks by doing your own dance party with one of the console’s games. If you were more into ballet as a little girl, there are barre routines you can download instead. Either option is a great, and fun, way to incorporate a little more activity into your routine and hopefully bring a smile back to your workout.

Beat Every Obstacle

If you remember loving the rough and tumble of an obstacle course during your younger years, then consider adding a little parkour to your exercise regime. Developed from military obstacle training, parkour gives you the chance to run, climb, jump and more, all while exploring your neighborhood. Want something a bit more traditional? Devise your own “playground” or bootcamp workout, utilizing just your own body weight. What’s great about this workout option is you can adapt it to wherever you are.

Catch a Wave

It might not be in your city yet, but one of the latest boutique fitness crazes is an indoor surfing workout. You stand on top of a surfboard affixed to a platform, and it feels like you are riding a wave at the beach. You will definitely get a solid workout in terms of balance, flexibility and coordination with this one.

The key to any of these workouts is to try and recapture some of the joy and enthusiasm you had for play as a kid. Sure working out is good for you and something you take seriously, but there’s no reason you can’t have some serious fun while improving your health.